COVID Barriers

Workplace solutions for maintaining physical separation.

Protection & Physical Separation


We at Oxford Glass understand these days are difficult times and are here to help you. Should you need assistance with creating inviting but maintaining a physical separation between you and your clients, we have solutions for you. The application of glass can provide a level of protection, minimize visual obstructions and can create a design element to your space for years to come.


We can create custom sizes for most applications that can be manufactured and installed. The glass panel applications are laminated and tempered for safety. The separation can be as simple as a single glass panel to larger complex installations. Installations can be suspended from ceilings, attached to millwork or fastened to walls. Stand alone wall separations can also be manufactured for isles for people line‐ups.

Work station barriers / Customized opening sizes for document passthrough
exchange with no‐draft speak‐thru / Reception protection / Desk separations


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